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VRIT Clinic Fees

Initial Contact

Telephone Consultation

£0 -  No Charge

0207 467 8536

Monday - Friday
9am - 9pm
Saturday - Sunday
10am - 5pm
First Session

Comprehensive Assessment


Establishing a Rapport

Lasting up to two hours, during which you can share your fears, worries and anxieties in a safe space.

Following Sessions

VRIT Programme

£195 per session

Your Treatment

Each session will include the 6 components of the VRIT protocol relevant to each Client/Patient

VRIT Clinic Terms & Conditions


Creating a Collaborative Safe Space in the Therapy Room

1. The alliance between Client/Patient and Therapist develops through the creation of a shared safe space for mutual trust and collaboration with a mutual understanding of realistic goals and measure of progress and an explicit commitment to understanding context and working towards resolution and recovery.

The Therapist’s Responsibilities:

2. The Therapist confirms that he/she has the ability to listen and give the Client/Patient his/her undivided attention to put together the comprehensive assessment and build a personalised protocol in response.

3. The Therapist confirms that he/she has the ability to set clearly defined goals for the therapeutic encounter.

4. The Therapist confirms that he/she has the wherewithal to remain detached and non-judgmental at all times.

5. The Therapist confirms that he/she has the ability to structure an appropriate course of treatment meeting the unique needs of each Client/Patient and to be flexible and adaptable in its definition and continued re-evaluation.

6. The Therapist recognises the need to maintain the highest standards of ethical care and complete confidentiality at all times.

7. The Therapist advises that whilst it may not be possible to confirm an exact number of treatment sessions at the outset of therapy, all sessions, however, will be appropriate for the Client/Patient’s recovery.

8. The Therapist reserves the right to decline treatment of Client/Patients where he/she feels the Virtual Reality Immersive Therapy protocol is not appropriate to their particular case.

The Client/Patient’s Responsibilities:

9. The Client/Patient confirms that he/she is ready now to address past or current life events.

10. The Client/Patient acknowledges that he/she has found a safe environment and a supportive listener in the Therapist with whom he/she can discuss his/her innermost concerns openly and frankly.

11. The Client/Patient acknowledges that during the course of treatment the Therapist will introduce Virtual Reality Immersive Therapy and the Client/Patient confirms that he/she understands the need for this process. Should the Virtual Reality component of the Therapy be deemed not appropriate for a particular Client/Patient, other forms of Therapy are available.

12. The Client/Patient understands that it would be inappropriate for the Therapist to give the Client/Patient any unrealistic expectations about his/her personal ability to recover in Therapy. Sustainable resolution of long term problems and symptoms is achievable with the appropriate time and effort as discussed in the first session and then re-evaluated throughout the programme.

13. The Client/Patient acknowledges that healing is, of course, possible, but may frequently take time, effort, determination, patience and a sound belief in success, which will be built in partnership with the Therapist.

14. The Client/Patient acknowledges that in the interests of continuity of care, their GP will be advised and kept informed of treatment and progress. Furthermore, the Client/Patient gives consent to his/her GP to release relevant medical information to the VRIT Clinic. However, the Client/Patient can also decline to disclose the details of their GP and not share any information.

15. The Client/Patient also reserves the right to suspend treatment at any stage where he/she feels the Virtual Reality Immersive Therapy protocol is not appropriate to his/her particular case.

Payment & Cancellation Policy

16. The Client/Patient agrees to pay the assessment fee in full prior to the first appointment and to pay the treatment fee after each therapy session thereafter.

17. The Client/Patient understands that in the event of cancellation of appointments, a minimum 48-hour notice must be given, failing which the full consultation fee will be charged.

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